Diamond drill bit sharpener




Easily reuse old and dull drill bits!

Make your bits last a lifetime in just seconds. Simply insert your drill bits into the compartment, connect your drill and the Diamond whetstone will make your bits sharp as new.

You know how important is to have your tools sharp and ready to use. Stop wasting money on new expensive bits, when you can easily give them an extra life.A few minutes with this product will make them as good as new!

Save money and Time: Give your bit a new life!
Easy to use:
There is no secret Just put the bit on and let the tool do all the work.
The design includes a compartment for5/64-1/2(2-12.5mm) Iron-based Drill Bits
Made of hard sturdy plastic withCorundum Grinding Wheel
Easy to carry:
0.2lb// 100 g Weight

“A lot of the minor home repairs I’ve had to do started dulling out my drill bits. This sharpener has made them practically brand new After I used it on the drill bit sharpener, the bit not only looks new but even at the point it’s sharp again also I Had to redo part of a fence after sharpening my drill bits and it cut through the wood like nothing”- Patrick Mckenzie

Buy now and forget the days of trying to find the correct angle by hand or accidentally tapering the edge of your tools.


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