Stackable Large Ice Cube Trays Black




    • Multipurpose Large Ice Cube Trays This set contains 2 Vremi Ice Cube Trays made from premium quality silicone. Each tray can hold 8 large ice cubes and each cube is 1.9 2 in big. Our ice cubes take longer to melt, cooling drinks slowly without diluting them. Perfect for pures, cocktails, frozen treats, and other drinks.

    • Compact and Stackable Each tray measures 8.5 4.6 2 in and comes in a sleek black color. Each tray is compact and can be stacked so you won need to worry about not having enough space in your freezer.

    • Flexible for Solids and Liquids Pliable yet strong and durable Ice Cube Trays that are ideal for making pures, baby food, cocktails, jello, or any other treats you can think of. Sky the limit! The cubes come out easily. Just push the bottom of the tray and quickly take out those ice cubes!

    • Spill Resistant and Nontoxic Storage is hassle-free, cleaner, and safer with our nontoxic, BPA-free silicone trays with plastic lids that keep water and other liquids from dripping out and causing a mess. The lids also help keep the food odors out. Our silicone trays are non-porous and don absorb flavors, so they won affect how your frozen drink or food tastes.

    • Dishwasher Safe When using for the first time, wash these reusable Ice Cube Trays and plastic lids by hand. Use lukewarm, soapy water, then dry thoroughly after use. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean.


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